How Decentralized Reverse Logistics Services are Costing You on Big & Bulky

At REFURN, returns can be your companies superpower

Panel at Home Delivery World ~ Are legacy return processes killing your brand?
Hosted by Garrett Stefan and Chad Danklef

  • They were created with your company needs in mind, rather than the customer.
  • They have been stagnant for decades – “the way its done”.
  • They don’t account for the speed of delivery and customer’s ability to try your competitors simultaneously.
REFURN slides from our Home Delivery World panel. Download Here ❯

Big & Bulky Items are Hard to Move!

What if your customers didn’t have to move heavy returns themselves anymore?

What if you can just work with 1 dispatch for all returns?

Do you have a great product that requires Assembly or Installation and sourcing local handymen is tough?

Make money on returns rather than a loss due to extended trial periods!

How We Modernize Returns and Make You Money

  1. Largest network of service providers for Haul Away, Install, Assembly, and Resell
  2. Centralized Software Platform to Manage All Service Requests
  3. White Glove experience for your customers
Reseller platform added services for e-commerce.

Revenue Generating Services

  • Give customers the services they need with your product
  • Integrate into any online shopping platform
  • Increase your average order value


  • National network of resellers
  • Get paid for sale of item, rather than pay for its haul away
  • Creates a sustainable circular economy

Centralized Return Management

  • One platform to manage all of your requests
  • Cuts down on noise and overhead costs internally around coordination and communication
  • In-home extraction and extended service area coverage

Assembly and Installation

  • National network of trained professionals
  • All of your assembly instructions, trainings, and requirements are vetted with providers
  • Better customer experience with your product when properly assembled or installed

Don’t Let Legacy Return Processes Kill Your Brand!

REFURN slides from our Home Delivery World panel. Download Here ❯

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