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LoadUp Launches REFURN Generating Revenue for Online Furniture Retailers

LoadUp announces the creation of a dedicated division called REFURN, a revenue generation partner for e-commerce furniture retailers. REFURN offers furniture companies opportunities to generate additional revenue in traditional areas of loss in return logistics. With an astronomical amount of waste from mattress and furniture disposal projected each year, REFURN provides online retailers with a […]


Furniture Stores That Assemble

Consider this – a customer buys a stylish sofa or a new desk from your store. They’re thrilled, until they get home and are greeted by a pile of parts and a confusing instruction manual. By providing furniture assembly for your customers, you can make the process of getting their furniture assembled hassle-free. Read on […]


What Percentage of Online Purchases are Returned?

In the e-commerce world, boosting return rates is a big deal for businesses trying to keep customers happy in the competitive online retail scene. Companies need to be proactive to navigate this efficiently to ensure retention with customers in a competitive space. As online shopping grows, so does demand. Companies deliver thousands of packages daily […]


Understanding Return Rates for Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Brick-and-mortar businesses have found it difficult to compete with online businesses, because the latter usually have lower operating costs and greater flexibility. So, how can traditional retailers improve on return rates and better compete with online-only firms? Brick-and-mortar stores have an average return rate of 10.2% compared to the average 17.6 of online stores. This […]

Industry: Sleep

How Offering Mattress Removal can Reduce Return Rate

Online retailers often find themselves seeking a seamless way to help consumers get rid of an old mattress when they purchase a new one. Enhance customer satisfaction and address environmental concerns by offering mattress removal and eco-friendly disposal. In the ever-evolving mattress industry, the pursuit of the ideal bed frequently encounters the difficulty of handling […]


How New California Recycling Laws Affect Mattress Retailers

The state of California began expanding mattress and textile recycling laws in January 2020, putting a burden on mattress retailers that process plenty of returns. As of January 2021, businesses that manufacture and/or distribute mattresses, futons, box springs, adjustable bed frames, and foundations to end-users living in California were required to offer free pickup and […]


Navigating Massachusetts’ Mattress Disposal Regulations

Disposing of mattresses has become challenging in Massachusetts, as residents are now prohibited from discarding mattresses and textiles through trash pickup. Since 1990, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MASSDEP) has forbidden the disposal or transportation for disposal of specific types of waste as a measure to minimize it. Starting November 2022, this law now […]

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