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Drive More Revenue With Added Services

Seamlessly provide customers with an opportunity to remove the items they are replacing or add assembly of their new item without building any of your own infrastructure. Our direct website integrations allow you to make more per order while improving your customer experience.

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Innovative platform added services for e-commerce

Provide the Services Your Customers Want

Easily add more value to your overall customer’s online shopping experience simply by offering our in-home services, via our native integrations, directly into any e-commerce store. By upselling our product install, assembly, and haul-away services at the point of purchase you can satisfy customer needs end-to-end.

White-glove add-ons:

Offer our value-adding services to your customers directly in your shopping cart with our easy to use platform and technology team.


Item Assembly

Assemble new products for customers upon delivery



Moving bulky items, wire plugs, attach hoses, etc.


Item Removal

Old item removal with the purchuse of a new item.


Removal + Install

Removal of an old item, plus we’ll install their new item.


Easily Offer Our Services In Your Online Store

We have developed cutting edge technology that allows us to easily connect to your e-commerce platform to offer our services to your customers directly in their shopping experience. Together we will decide what options and pricing are used to ensure the most consistent experience for your customers.

The Value We Add

Reduce Return Rate

When you offer your customers the option to remove their old item via REFURN, they are less likely to return their new purchase. If they do, we also take care of all the reverse logistics for you!

Reduce return rate on bulky e-commerce products

Increase Conversions

Offer convenient removal, assembly, or installation options to create a true end-to-end solution.

  • Reduce customer stress post purchase
  • Provide extended in-home help solutions
  • Increase sales by offering added value
Increase conversions on bulky e-commerce products

Build Brand Value

Show customers you care by helping beyond their purchase and create brand loyalty.

  • Demonstrate transparency and create trust
  • Enhance your customer relationships
  • Gain loyalty and repeat customers
Build brand loyalty for your bulky e-commerce business with value added services

Integrate with Popular Platforms

No matter what platform custom or out of the box, we have the ability to natively integrate and make white-label offerings to your customer for add-on return, removal, or recycling services.

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Platform Commerce

Shopify stores make it easy for you to manage your shop and sell to your customers. Our integration is a seamless extension of that experience. Offer disposal or assembly services to your customers without having to create the infrastructure to support such an effort.

Platform Desktop

Using BigCommerce, you have created a tremendous online purchasing experience. Extend that experience to offer disposal of their old product and assembly services of their new product directly in your store.

Platform Mobile

You have built your store on the WooCommerce and WordPress platform, we can effortlessly integrate our value added services directly into your store to give your customer more options on disposal of their old product or assembly of their new product.

Platform Stats

Regardless of our store platform, ours is built to integrate easily. Our team of world-class engineers will walk you through a process to ensure your store keeps its branding while extending the services you offer to your customer.

How Does It Work?

Upsell REFURN value-added services. Offer customers more! End-to-End.


Offerings and Pricing

Decide what services to offer on your website for specific products to create easy alignment of our systems.


Install Snippet

Add a small snippet of code to your website with the help of our integrations team, so you don’t have to get technical!


Seamless Service

Your team won’t ever lift a finger. We’ll handle all the logistics, all while serving your customers with excellence.

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Bedding Retailers

In such a customer centric industry that offers extended trial periods, let us deal with the hassle of returns.

  • Mattresses
  • Box Springs
  • Bunk Beds
  • Bed Frames
  • Adjustable Bases
  • Day Beds

Furniture Retailers

Furniture returns are often already assembled and bulky. Let us handle the return logistics for you.

  • Couch & Sofas
  • Dressers
  • Recliners
  • Desks & Chairs
  • TV Stands
  • Tables

Appliance Retailers

Appliances are one of the most difficult products to return. We can help extract them properly.

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Washer & Dryers
  • Stove & Oven
  • Wine Coolers
  • Large Grills

Exercise & Gym Equipment

Exercise products are heavy and difficult to manouver. Rely on a provider who specializes in big and bulky.

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Exercise Bikes
  • Rowing Machine
  • Stair Steppers
  • Weight Benches

Platform Benefits

We personalize how we solve after opurchase pain points to fit your customer needs. Better customer experience. Solve problem with what to do next.


Reduce Return Rate

Through removal of an old item, customers are less likely to return their new purchase.


Increase Conversions

Offering convienent removal and install services creates a true end-to-end solution.


Build Brand Value

Show customers you care by helping beyond their purchase and create brand loyalty.


Reduce Buyer Friction

Through removal of an old item, customers are less likely to return their new purchase.

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