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New Product Installation

Take the work out of your customer’s hands by offering new appliance installation services and ensure they have the best experience with your product!

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What We Offer

Nationwide Network

Leverage our national provider network to serve your customers wherever they are located in a timely manner.

In-Home Installation

Offer customers what they really need; REFURN will set up and install their new items exactly where they want it.

Proper Equipment

We ensure our installers are always equipped with proper tools and product instructions before they arrive onsite.

Trained Profesisonals

Working with each partner company, we provide per brand training and ongoing support to all of our providers.

Advanced Installation Services

How Does it Work?


Item Purchased

Customer purchases installation services along with their new item purchase.


Installer Dispatched

Our team will assign a qualified local installation provider to setup and install the product.


Item Installation

At the coordinated time, our installer arrives with the item and provides a quality, professional installation of your product in their home or office.

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Specializing in Appliance Installation

The modern approach for how you handle installation logistics for bulky new appliances, making it easier on you and your customers.

Safe Moving

Properly move washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more.

Appliance Setup

Install, assembly, and remove or butterfly doors.

Connect Sources

Attach hoses and wire plugs to electricity, gas, or water.

Smart Devices

Setup and connect all the latest smart appliances.


Nationwide Network of Trained Professionals

REFURN has created an extensive network of qualified professionals in setup and installation services who are ready to serve your customers with the best possible experience.

  • Extensive instructions, training, and support for providers
  • Clear and professional communication with your customer
  • Seamless extension of your company to all your customers

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