LoadUp Launches REFURN Generating Revenue for Online Furniture Retailers

Get revenue generating recommerce services with REFURN.

LoadUp announces the creation of a dedicated division called REFURN, a revenue generation partner for e-commerce furniture retailers. REFURN offers furniture companies opportunities to generate additional revenue in traditional areas of loss in return logistics.

With an astronomical amount of waste from mattress and furniture disposal projected each year, REFURN provides online retailers with a sustainable option for their products by creating a circular economy aimed at ending unnecessary waste.

“With rising costs in the furniture supply chain, Retailers are rethinking their reverse logistics strategy. Our platform enables retailers to generate revenue instead of adding costs that are associated with returned products,” says Greg Workmon, CEO of LoadUp. “We’ve truly become a secret weapon for the online furniture space.”

Features and benefits of REFURN include:

  • Revenue Generating Services that leverage our platform to allow businesses to offer removal, assembly, or installation services to their customer in the checkout process via a direct and seamless integration.
  • Recommerce Service enables businesses to change a cost center (returns) into revenue by leveraging our certified national reseller network which purchases and removes the item.
  • Centralized Return Management offers a singular provider of different product return services nationwide that includes in-home extraction capabilities.

REFURN’s launch comes at a time when the e-commerce sector is booming, and the volume of returns is higher than ever. By addressing the unique challenges of big and bulky item returns, REFURN positions itself as a crucial partner for retailers looking to optimize their operations and improve their bottom line.

REFURN is available immediately to businesses that are interested in adding revenue opportunities to each customer interaction. For more information on REFURN, visit REFURN.com. The REFURN team will be attending the Home Delivery World show in Philadelphia, June 5-6th, and looks forward to meeting current and future customers there.

About LoadUp: LoadUp is an innovative on-demand junk removal company offering eco-friendly solutions for residential and commercial clients. Committed to sustainability, LoadUp leverages technology to provide transparent, reliable, and efficient junk removal services.

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