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Offer your customers white glove furniture assembly with REFURN.

Consider this – a customer buys a stylish sofa or a new desk from your store. They’re thrilled, until they get home and are greeted by a pile of parts and a confusing instruction manual. By providing furniture assembly for your customers, you can make the process of getting their furniture assembled hassle-free. Read on and we’ll cover why making the smart move to offering a solution to furniture assembly can be a game-changer.

Benefits of Furniture Assembly Services

Assembly services can be important for customers who’ve just picked out the perfect piece of furniture for their home. In our fast-paced world, who has the time or patience to decipher complex assembly instructions?

That’s where professional furniture assembly services shine. You can save customers time and shield them from the frustration of a DIY project gone wrong. It’s about more than just convenience, offering a furniture assembly service ensure that each piece of furniture is put together correctly and safely for your customers.

Providing a seamless, stress-free experience from purchase, to delivery, to assembly can help your customers make the decision to purchase from you and not your competitors. And with the U.S. furniture market projected to grow to 77 billion in 2027, you want to do everything you can to get your piece of the pie.

Partner with REFURN to make your customers lives easy with our furniture assembly service.

Furniture Stores That Offer Assembly Services

Many retailers are stepping up their game by offering furniture assembly services for their customers. You don’t want to be one of the only retailers that doesn’t offer furniture assembly.

Think about this – 31% of consumers are willing to pay more than their budget if they find the right piece of furniture. If they are willing to pay more for a quality piece of furniture, they are likely willing to pay more for the convenience of having their furniture assembled by professionals.

Take a look at the businesses below to see what your competition offers in terms of assembly services.

Does Amazon offer furniture assembly?

Amazon, being the retail giant that they are, has a wide range of services – furniture assembly included. They offer furniture assembly on eligible items for an extra cost that is shown on the product detail page before checkout. Customers can select a date and time for their furniture or items to be assembled.

Does Walmart assemble furniture for you?

Yes, Walmart can assemble your furniture. They offer this service as a convenient add-on for their customers. Items that Walmart can assemble for you include tables, desks, entertainment centers, night stands, office chairs, and more. Pricing for their assembly services starts at $49.

Does Target offer furniture assembly?

Much like Walmart, Target offers a furniture assembly service through a third-party provider called Handy. Scheduling is convenient and done through their website as an add-on for a flat, upfront price. After booking, Handy will reach out to the customers for specifics.

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Does Ikea assemble furniture for you?

Ikea doesn’t directly handle the assembly of furniture, but they do partner with a company called Taskrabbit to connect you with local handymen in your customers area that can handle furniture assembly. Customers can get a quote at checkout or schedule assembly directly through Taskrabbit.

Does Wayfair assemble your furniture?

Wayfair partners with Angi to offer their customers furniture assembly. They also make the process of scheduling furniture assembly simple – you can opt to pay a fixed price and schedule a date and time for furniture assembly at checkout.

The Gap in Stores That Offer Furniture Assembly

When it comes to offering furniture assembly services to their customers, not every store is hitting the mark. Depending on the area that your customers live in, it may be hard for them to find these services.

If they do find them, the sticker shock of extra costs can be a real downer. It’s like you finally find someone to help put your new bookshelf together, only to realize it’s going to cost almost as much as the shelf itself!

Then there’s the waiting game, trying to fit the assembly service into time slots that don’t always match up with your customer’s busy schedule. All of this can make what should be fun and exciting a stressful event for your customers.

Around 48% of furniture purchases in the U.S. were online in 2020 so it is likely that a large portion of your customers are not located near your store. Being able to offer these customers furniture assembly services comes down to finding a company to partner with that can provide these services.

You don’t want to be the retailer that sells a customer a brand new desk or entertainment center only to have them ask for assembly services – and not be able to deliver!

Offer your customers easy furniture assembly with REFURN.

Introducing REFURN: Retail Furniture Assembly Solutions

At REFURN, we make offering furniture assembly to your customers easy. Imagine this – a customer buys a brand new desk from your store. They’re happy, but not excited about spending hours looking through the installation manual and assembling it.

This is where we come in. By partnering with REFURN, you get access to a nationwide network of professional, background-checked handymen that can assemble your customer’s furniture. Learn more about our platform here.

By offering a comprehensive assembly service, you can keep your customers happy – and happy customers often turn into repeat customers. When you partner with us, you get access to a team of experienced installers and assemblers.

Nationwide Network

We have a network of furniture assemblers all over the United States. Wherever furniture assembly or installation is needed, we have a professional installer ready to help your customers.

In-Home Assembly

We work hard to help you offer your customers the assembly service they need. Our team will setup and assemble your customer’s furniture wherever they need – comprehensive, white-glove assembly.

Proper Equipment

Your customers don’t need to worry about providing tools because our assemblers come equipped with everything needed to make assembly of their furniture fast and stress-free.

Trained Professionals

All of our furniture assembly and item installation handymen are trained professionals that are background-checked and take part in ongoing training that is specific to your brand and your furniture.

We’re not just about one-off help; we’re in it for the long haul and provide ongoing support. With REFURN, you’re not just selling furniture; you’re selling a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Parter with us and offer your customers furniture assembly services.

How the REFURN Platform Can Help Your Business

The REFURN platform is designed to enhance the online shopping experience for your customers by integrating our services directly with your platform. You can integrate our platform with popular e-commerce systems like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce.

If you sell on a different platform, we can set up a custom solution. Businesses that partner with us have seen an improvement in the following metrics:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Average order value
  • Conversion rate
  • Repeat business

When you choose to partner with REFURN and are getting our platform integrated, we will work with you to decide what services to offer and what prices to charge your customers to get them the services that they need at an affordable price.

Partner With REFURN To Offer Furniture Assembly

If you are a furniture retailer, you are going to want to offer furniture assembly services to your customers. It’s like giving them a VIP ticket in the world of furniture shopping. No more battling with confusing instructions or spending hours trying to figure out which screw goes where.

By partnering with REFURN, you get access to an efficient, modern platform that integrates directly with your website so that you customers get a seamless purchasing and furniture assembly experience.

Contact us today to get started and keep your customers happy by providing in-home, white-glove furniture assembly at an affordable price, nationwide.

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