Return Management Services

Product Return Destruction

We ensure that big and bulky product return are properly destroyed and disposed of when your customers initiate a return, without your team ever lifting a finger.

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Nationwide Network

No matter where a customer is located, we can quickly retrieve item(s) for safe return to your locations, nationwide.

Painless Process

Let our dedicated team of Loaders and support agents handle your returns and create a better customer experience.

Innovative Software

Our platform lets you easily schedule and monitor returns. We can also coordinate with customers direct, saving you time.

In-Home Extractions

Typical logistics companies are restricted when removing home items, mainly bulky items. We’re not restricted this way.

Bulky product return destruction

How Does It Work?


Return Initiated

Customer can initiate the return via your online store or call your customer support phone line for return authorization.


Return Dispatched

Our platform automates the scheduling of a Loader with your customer, providing one seamless & convenient experience.


Item Retrieved

Our local Loader arrives at the scheduled appointment to retrieve the item(s) without the normal logistics restrictions.


Item Destroyed

Our Loader team then delivers the item(s) to a secure destruction processing facility.


Return Item Destruction Solutions

Specialized service for the hassle-free return and destruction of big and bulky items. A streamlined process ensures the safe retrieval and transport of items earmarked for destruction.

Certified Team

Documentation of every product destroyed for your company nationwide.

Safe & Secure

Access all of your returns, destruction certificates, and billing in a secure platform.

Secure Destruction for Peace of Mind

We recognize the importance of safe and responsible disposal. Our professional retrieval services ensure that customers’ items slated for destruction are handled with care when transported to designated destruction facilities.

  • Understand the sensitivity of items marked for destruction
  • Service aligned with industry regulations and environmental standards
  • Efficient retrieval and transport to authorized destruction facilities

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