The Advantages of Selling Used Items and Products

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Individuals and businesses are embracing the positives of buying and reselling items. While this is typically associated with thrift stores, the retail industry as a whole uses this to generate more revenue and, in some cases, lessen environmental impact.

Retailers recognize the advantages that come with reselling used items, as well as thrift shopping on the consumer side, with environmental sustainability and affordability being at the top of the list.

E-commerce businesses can certainly look to take advantage of these resale opportunities through optimization, which is made easier with a trusted partner like REFURN.

What does recommerce mean?

Recommerce, or resale commerce, refers to the sale of any previously owned, new or used items in person or online to buyers who either repair, reuse, resell, or if necessary dispose of recycle of them.

Some larger retail companies may have the capacity to do this in their own business model, while others fail to reap the benefits that re-commerce can offer due to a lack of resources.

The Economic Advantages of Reselling

One of the primary benefits of reselling is the economic advantage it offers.

Reselling second-hand items of course allows consumers to acquire quality products at a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. However, the allure of affordability extends to businesses, where second-hand retail has become a strategic approach to managing budgets while maintaining quality standards.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Reselling

One of the biggest issues we see in the retail industry is the amount of bulky items that just get thrown away, crowding landfill space. To break it down even further, annually, approximately 20 to 40 million mattresses are discarded, and a significant portion ends up in landfills.

Opting to resell or recommerce items can not only help cut costs, but help avoid an environmental issue in the future that can affect the next generation.

The truth is, recycling just one mattress can prevent nearly 65 pounds of toxic materials from occupying landfill space, and its components can be repurposed to create new environmentally friendly products.

So when applying this to reselling, which serves the same environmental purpose to recycling, businesses can contribute to sustainability by applying aligning their services with a company like REFURN.

Mattress Recommerce

To recoup losses from product returns, REFURN redistributes fully rejuvenated mattresses back into the consumer market on behalf of our clients via secondary sales platforms and return the revenue generated.

REFURN can offer a turnkey services including collection, and recommerce, all from one supplier.

Not only can our team can help you process returns and manage the flow of inventory items, we can recycle the returns you can’t resell, making REFURN your de-facto return management specialist.

Optimizing Pre-Owned Product Management

Companies looking to optimize their operations and navigate the challenges of dealing with second-hand item returns and exchanges by applying standard retailing practices to their current inventory management strategies.

Of course, there are the general rules to pricing second-hand items, like cutting the original retail price by 50%, then adjust accordingly based on the condition of the item from there.

Bulky appliance returns

But, what if there was a solution that can regularly help you manage, price and, most importantly, recommerce old items like repurposed mattresses and furniture? And what if this solution can align perfectly with your E-commerce thrift shopping business?

This innovative solution not only simplifies the process of managing pre-owned products but also addresses the environmental impact associated with their disposal.

Seamless Integration: How REFURN Optimizes Pricing and Sourcing

REFURN by LoadUp is an innovative solution for retail stores that not only simplifies the process of managing pre-owned products and returns but also addresses the environmental impact associated with their disposal.

REFURN offers businesses the ability to streamline the handling of second-hand items, ensuring efficient returns and exchanges. Plus, we can serve as the engine your business needs to circulate and process second-hand items to and from your business and your customers.

Moreover, it provides eco-friendly disposal solutions, such as donating inventory and recycling online product returns.This environmentally conscious approach prevents these items from being needlessly destroyed and, in turn, helps protect the environment.

So by partnering with REFURN, gone are the days of struggling how to accurately price second-hand items and wondering what to do with all the leftover waste you get from returns.

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